Building Marshmallow guns at the Committed to our Business Community Event

We were at the Committed to our Business Community Event earlier this month, here’s what we did.

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Earlier this month, Committed to our Business Community Event was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, at the West Hall! This was such a fun event to attend, and one that we really enjoyed getting to be at! As with most of these events this was an opportunity to make connections, meet other professionals, and leave a good impression with some of our colleagues. And besides a business card, a good impression is the most important thing you can leave people with at these events.

We wanted our first impression to be one of fun! And so we set out to do that exact thing at our table! Using our super power of construction excellence, we gave them just that! And now, you can make the exact same, but you’re gonna need a couple things. We’re going to use a couple pieces of ultra versatile PCV pipe.

1/2 “PVC pipe cut into pieces:

         · 3 – 3″ pieces

         · 3 – 2″ pieces

         · 1 – 5″ pieces

2 – end caps

2 – T joints

2 – right angle elbow joints

1 – optional coupler for mouthpiece

optional colored electrical tape or duct tape

mini marshmallows

bags or buckets to store ammo, aka, marshmallows.

marshmallow shooter construction 1024x771 1
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