Women’s history month

Get ready to celebrate because March is National Women’s history month! This time is set aside specially to honor women and their contributions to American culture and history. Started informally in 1978 and recognized federally two years later in 1980, Women’s history month isn’t only about appreciating and acknowledging the women in your life but also honoring women’s contributions throughout history! And, because of our own history as a women-owned construction company, we decided to talk about the women that have paved the way in this industry throughout the years!

Women have been making waves in construction for far longer than most people would realize! The first written record dates back to 13th-century Spain, where a group of female day laborers built structures in various cities. From the 13th through the 17th centuries, women would find many roles in building the homes of the world. But after the industrial revolution, ladies in the field truly began making massive strides. For example, engineer Emily Warren Roebling directed the Brooklyn Bridge’s construction after her husband, Washington Roebling, became sick. She was so instrumental to the bridge’s construction that when it opened in 1883, she rode alongside President Chester A. Arthur across its entire length. 

And that history continues to this day as we celebrate Women’s history month and the 25th annual women in construction week. From March 5-11, there are Las Vegas Chapter Events. Go to NAWIC.org to see the full list of chapter events, or take a look at the flyer just below!

25th Annual Women in Construction Week
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